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Innovation Through Fusion: The Walkman


Did you know that before the Walkman, there hadn’t been any need for headphones that you could wear while you were walking. All headphones were designed to be worn while you were sitting. Before the Walkman headphones were very heavy because no one ever though that walking and listening to music go together.

Sony managed to produce headphones that weighed just 45 grams. Yet, no one believed that the Walkman would sell. Sony predicted that only 5,000 players would be sold per month, but the Walkman sold more than 50,000 in the first two months,

What made the Walkman a success was the combination of portability (it ran on two AA batteries) and privacy (it featured a headphone jack but no external speaker). Portability plus privacy made it the ideal for consumers looking for a compact portable stereo that they could take with them anywhere.

There is a striking analogy with our portable, dynamic HTML documents that fuse traditional documents with apps into portable InfoApps that you can email to anyone or read on any device both online and offline.

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