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Storied Data Designer

What it is

Storied Data Designer is the fusion of infographic design, business intelligence, and no-code development into a single tool to create interactive documents:

  • Combine images,¬† shapes, charts, text and graphs
  • Bind them to data and make them interactive
  • Personalize every document to make it really relevant

How it is used

You create templates to automate the generation of interactive documents that can be emailed to customers or embedded in web or mobile apps.

  • Design bank, utilities, insurance, and other financial statements
  • Email executive dashboards, sales and supplier reports, invoices
  • Distribute interactive¬†catalogs, surveys, educational materials

Who is using it

Business professionals turn their data into easy to digest storied documents that deliver rich insights and reduce information overload.

  • Business analyst deliver relevant reports and dashboards faster
  • Marketers/Designers create data-driven docs without waiting on IT
  • IT automates production and distribution to lower overall costs

1 instead of 3 tools. Less is more.

Storied Data Designer replaces three legacy toolsets: (1) document layout and graphic design workbenches, (2) visualization and reporting tools, and (3) HTML page authoring tools. It combines and enhances the strengths of these legacy toolsets to empower users to create and distribute next generation digital content with an app-like UI/UX.

The transition from PDF to Enhanced HTML has started.