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Deliver information as an experience!™

Innovative InfoApp™ format and In-Document BI/AI™ technology enhances user experience and simplifies content design, distribution and automation

InfoApps™ and In-Document BI/AI™ revolutionize:

presentations, visualizations, reports, dashboards, brochures, web pages, etc.

New. Game-changing. Practical.

In-Document BI/AI™ directly embeds analytics within the documents you create or share. Whether it’s a presentation, research paper, or any other document, interactive analysis seamlessly occurs within its context. It bridges the gap between valuable data residing in documents and the scarcity of self-service BI dashboards. Unlike traditional BI systems that rely on backend servers and online connectivity, In-Document BI/AI™ operates independently. It liberates business intelligence from these constraints, allowing data analysis wherever the document resides. Explore data without complex BI setups or months of preparation.

With In-Document BI/AI™ every document becomes an InfoApp™, short for Information Application. This is a type of digital document or file format that combines traditional document functionality with application functionality. It contains interactive elements, such as embedded data analytics, visualizations, and user interfaces, allowing users to interact with and manipulate data directly within the document itself. InfoApps™ are designed to provide users with a more dynamic and engaging experience compared to static documents like PDFs or traditional reports. They can be distributed electronically and accessed on various devices, including computers, tablets, and smartphones.

Empowering data publishing and dissemination with impact:

The SD

3 in 1


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Intelligent InfoApps

  • Create HTML docs and web pages with rich UI/UX and analytics
  • Regain infosumers’ attention with next-generation HTML docs
  • Replace static docs with smart one-pagers that people actually enjoy reading

Interactive Publishing

  • Increase engagement with interactive HTML content
  • Turn data into user-friendly data products that sell
  • Replace irritating PDF and other downloads with HTML docs

Smart Information Distribution

  • Distribute personalized interactive reports, presentations, and visualizations
  • Empower infosumers to analyze, customize, and easily share data with others
  • Automate and scale distribution via email, web, and devices, and save costs



Compress thousands of pages into one

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Faster design time


Instant decisions without BI tools

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Distribution savings


Dynamic HTML pages without appdev costs

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Resource Savings


Information sharing without barriers

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Compute Savings


100% ESG compliant & energy efficient

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Environmental Gains


for everyone

Democratizing  data publishing & information distribution


Create to engage


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Automate & dissiminate



Decide with ease



Impress with data


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