The story of meaningful transformations: Data. Information. Intelligent Presentation. Action.

Do you see the data universe?

Data is the new energy. It is everywhere. It leads to action.
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Do you feel information overload?

Irrelevant and meaningless data is harmful. It leads to inaction.
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Reveal the beauty of information

Envision documents designed like eye-catching magazines.
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Tell an engaging data story

Imagine your documents are page-turners – full of actionable information.
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Make data presentable & intelligent

With interactive publishing your documents become live and meaningful.
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We pioneered information distribution & interactive data publishing.


Transform your digital documents with in-document UI/UX, data interactivity, and analytics to tell better stories. Empower everyone to create, web-publish, and distribute modern, dynamic documents to millions of information consumers at zero cost.

With Interactive Publishing Anyone Can:


Deliver smart, personalized documents for next generation data-literate users


Enrich content with visuals to make it compelling, accessible, straightforward


Present complex information and business data in a simple and informative way


Publish dynamic content giving each user control to interact freely with live data

With Interactive Documents Companies Can:


Distribute tailored information for better decision making


Tell stories with interactive data that keep users actively involved


Give users control over data to get the most relevant information


Enable users to easily understand and interpret complex information

Enter Into A World Of Interactive Publishing

Every document tells a better story with interactive data

Creative Disruption 1:01

Watch how Storied Data is disrupting digital publishing. Make your storied designs live and intelligent.

Re-Imagined Documents  0:24

See how a one-pager can tell more. Make your storied documents compact yet powerful.

The Interactive Revolution 1:35

Consider making every document an interactive story to impress and engage your audience.

Storied Publishing Is the Perfect Mix of:



Data is the substance of communications.



Design provides clarity and aids understanding.



Interaction is a form of digital narration.



Publishing delivers insights at scale.

Content is a Queen! Make it beautiful!

Content is a Queen! Make it beautiful!

Content is a Queen! Make it beautiful!

Featured Designs

Storied documents. Real engagement.

More than Just Data Storytelling

Shorter Design Time

Make better content faster. Reduce content production time by 95%.

Technology Savings

Save software licensing and hardware costs while supporting more users.

Faster Performance

50% CPU and 83% memory savings give users 2x faster load time on any device.

Energy Savings (ESG Compliant)

Eliminate 92% of web documents emissions with green design.


01. Modernize Content

Put an end to static, boring PDFs and dumb documents and let Storied Data show your business a new way to build intelligent interactive content.


02. Fast and Easy Creation

End the long development cycles and let everyone create. You can’t afford to wait for content to be created and updated for months. 


03. No Code Development

Don’t waste time building databases and applications to deliver interactive content. End complexity with simple interactive documents.


04. Technology Simplification

Empower everyone to create content. There is no need anymore to integrate multiple complex technologies that require super experts. 


05. No Cost to Scale

Stop worrying about business intelligence and web development user licenses costs. Stop worrying about increasing server costs. Start saving now.


06. Great User Experience

Today’s information consumers expect meaningful and easy to digest content. The bar is high. Do you need to transform your content to meet these expectations?

The transition from PDF to Enhanced HTML has started.

Every digital document has to meet these SIX criteria.

Tell us which ones you want to improve (check all that apply):