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The creator of PowerPoint Describes Excel: “as roughly “Plan” [visual Multiplan] plus “Chart”. This integration appears intuitive, and the delay in its realization could indeed be attributed to technical challenges within the emerging graphical user interface (GUI) environments. Multiplan for the Apple Macintosh was Microsoft’s first GUI (as opposed to text based) spreadsheet. Apparently it made more money on Macintosh than on any other platform.

Lessons learned suggest that the convergence of technologies will inevitably happen and gain traction in the market. Success lies in mastering the timing and targeting early adopters.
The integration of tables and charts exemplifies the ongoing evolution occurring four decades later. The demand for comprehensive content creation tools is evident, as users increasingly seek platforms that seamlessly incorporate graphs, tables, text, images, and other content into a single interface and a single output file. All documents will be HTML documents as this is the most visible and easily distributable format.

In the digital age the fusion of documents and apps into #infoapps, makes all content better and more user friendly.

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