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A fresh design approach to digital docs & publications

Today's digital documents are like mini information apps (infoApps™). Every document has a UI. Its rich, interactive features keep readers focused and engaged. Embrace the new document design paradigm to create more relevant and more meaningful experiences.

Introducing the InfoApp format: Dynamic HTML docs

Re-imagine documents

Design thinking guru Jeff Hendrickson explains how digitization allows to expand and enhance the documents' user experience.

Documents with attitude!

InfoApps™: The New Standard

When it boasts flawless design, marries seamless UI/UX, and wields powerful in-document BI, it’s undeniably an InfoApp.

Merging traditional documents and apps into a new InfoApp format for enhanced user experience and easier content creation, publishing, and distribution.

Seriously, try it now!
Documents with looks!

InfoApps™: The New Aesthetics

In less than 50 milliseconds, people decide whether to read documents, with 94% of these decisions being based on design.

Pixel-perfect design significantly enhances ease-of-use for creators, allowing them to effortlessly drag and drop design components onto a page without the need for coding HTML or CSS.

Seriously, try it now!
Before InfoApps™

Static, multipage documents are cumbersome to navigate, often requiring readers to manually copy and paste data into other applications for analysis.

With InfoApps™

A modern in-document UI/UX, tailored specifically to fit the content, streamlines document navigation and enhances data interactions without requiring readers to learn new skills.

95% of all documents are STATIC documents


70% of all static documents contain DATA.


85% of information consumers DON'T have access to BI


60% of self-service BI users find it HARD to learn


80% of business users are NOT happy with self-service BI


It’s time to give infosumers data
in format they can understand

By embedding In-Document BI™ in every infoApp, you can cater to underserved information consumers who seek data in a readily digestible format.

Empower everyone with insights, not just static data.

Analytical InfoApps are versatile, sharable via email or online publication. Readers can interact with the data both online and offline, sans any additional software. Plus, being freestanding, they negate the necessity for costly servers and web infrastructure.

The transition from static documents to InfoApps™ has started

Replace static PDF and other formats with pixel-perfect, portable, dynamic HTML

PDF has run its course. Time to let go.

PDF boasts two significant advantages: portability and perfect layout, which contributed to its popularity over the past 30 years. However, in the digital age, these attributes alone are no longer sufficient.

Storied Data HTML is pixel-perfect and portable

Effortlessly craft HTML docs with perfect design layout without any coding, offering the same advantages and exquisite aesthetics as PDFs. Elevate your designs with more interactive user experiences.

Storied Data dynamic HTML raises the bar even further

Transform static documents into mini apps (infoApps) with Dynamic HTML. Condense extensive content into engaging and time-efficient one-pagers for a more streamlined and interactive experience.

"Documents are a source of important information to all users. Companies must deliver superior in-document experience compared to web and mobile apps."

Jeff Hendrickson
Design Thinking Expert and Author

The Art of Storied Documents


The enhanced HTML offers a better user experience and is less costly to create and maintain


Use storied documents for customer and employee engagement and trust building


Documents reinforce your brand by demonstrating expertise and customer understanding and care

Design Thinking

Leverage design thinking to create differentiated and meaningful experiences

With InfoApps™, companies and users can:


Distribute smart, personalized information for next generation data-literate users


Present complex information and business data in a simple and informative way


Use data and content interactivity as a narrative to keep users actively involved


Share dynamic content giving each user control to interact freely with live data

The fusion of docs and apps into a single InfoApp™ format has started

Infosumers crave swift access to relevant data and information, a need uniquely met by InfoApps™ equipped with In-Document BI™

Data has power to influence

Harnes the power of data to inspire and ignite action.
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Dynamic infoApps engage

Design docs & presentations as microsites and apps.
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Interactive insights convince

Revamp data and docs into captivating experiences!
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Information sharing empowers

Provide convenient and user-friendly access to the distributed data.
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Scaled distribution amplifies

Increase your influence with cost-free mass data communications.
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