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Turn your data and docs into InfoApps™

More meaning, less information overload.

Tell better stories with more data and and more instantly accessible insights. 

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What sets the Storied Data creative tools apart:

Fusion of Technologies

Embark on a creative journey with the fusion of interactive graphic design, data analytics, and no-code HTML authoring — all in one tool, saving you time and money.

Innovative InfoApp Format

Email standalone files or showcase them effortlessly on web and mobile pages. Interactivity seamlessly persists, whether online or offline, ensuring a consistent experience.

Limitless Distribution

Automagically personalize and distribute your storied infoApps to millions, sans backend or end-user software fees. Accessible seamlessly with just a web browser.

StoryBench™: Next-gen information design workbench

An unparalleled tool empowers everyone to create cutting-edge InfoApps™

Our designer craft bench is created for the person who wants to turn data into a storied document, for the creative mind who cares about the presentation, for the influencer who understands the impact of information on other people’s decisions. It is meticulously crafted for creators to seamlessly blend text, visuals, data analytics, and user interface elements into modern dynamic docs (infoApps).

This 3-in-1 powerhouse, called “PowerPoint on steroids” by users, combines ease-of-use with the robust capability to craft a myriad of docs types—reports, dashboards, infographics, brochures, presentations, circulars, web pages, annual reports, and beyond. Whether you are a marketer, a business analyst, a designer, or a manager, you can quickly design next-gen interactive documents.

An unprecedented layout control for excellence, beauty, and superb user experience

Pixel Perfect

Storied Data’s pixel-perfect canvas offers information designers precise control over the entire document layout. Whether crafting financial reports or fashion catalogs, the pixel-perfect canvas ensures precision in placing information exactly where it belongs. Pixel perfection, synonymous with quality and brilliance, is now easily achievable with drag-and-drop workflows.

Interaction Design

In the words of Steve Jobs, “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. It’s how it works.” Interaction design transforms data and static documents into information products (infoApps), swiftly delivering the desired facts and insights to customers. While interaction design was once exclusive to coders, Storied Data has now made it accessible to everyone.

StoryServ™: Scalable distribution server architected for savings

Significantly reduce the number of queries to the back end.
Eliminate costly BI servers to support interactive data exploration.
Eliminate the cost to support concurrent users.
Eliminate end-user licensing costs for interactive data exploration.
No more server and user maintenance costs.
Complete automation without the need of a data warehouse and application development.
Complete personalization without end user licensing costs.

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The fusion of docs and apps into a single InfoApp™ format has started