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Powerful horizontal solution to create and distribute InfoApps that meets the needs of all departments, functions, and users.

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In-Document Business Intelligence™

in-Document Insights

Companies distribute thousands of static PDFs and page-based documents, often containing valuable data. However, accessing the relevant information quickly is challenging, and analyzing data becomes cumbersome due to the need for constant page navigation. This user experience doesn’t meet the seamless accessibility expected from web and mobile apps, highlighting the need for a transition to the modern InfoApp format.

Common Pains

  • Traditional BI methods are ineffective for documents distributed via email or downloads.
  • Offline usage renders traditional BI impractical due to its reliance on connections and servers.
  • Converting all content to traditional BI formats is costly and often unjustified.
  • The new in-document BI makes document files smaller than PDFs and Excel.

Embedding BI In Each Document

Portable Analytic InfoApps

Embedding a potent miniaturized BI engine in each document transforms static documents into interactive InfoApps. These InfoApps can reach hundreds of thousands or even millions of users without the need for backend servers. Their analytics capabilities surpass those of traditional BI applications. Moreover, their unmatched convenience in distribution via email, web, or mobile, and their usability both online and offline make them indispensable.

Convenience & Cost Savings

  • Embed analytics seamlessly in any document—be it a presentation, report, dashboard, or more.
  • Personalize the data, analytics, and visuals in each InfoApp for every user.
  • Achieve optimized generation of personalized documents, 100 times faster than PDFs and other formats.
  • Eliminate the report generation wait time that users find frustrating in traditional BI systems.

The Annual Report holds significant importance, eagerly awaited by all stakeholders. However, its creation is traditionally a complex, time, and resource-consuming process, often requiring the use of various technologies to achieve an appealing look-and-feel across its extensive layout spanning hundreds of pages. But with Storied Data, the Annual Report transforms into a modern, highly interactive web-like application, automating its production. Stakeholders can conveniently access it online or receive it via email, revolutionizing the document’s accessibility and presentation.

From annual reports to other company financial reports previously distributed as static, lengthy documents, the process is revolutionized with InfoApps. These apps eradicate the inconveniences of static reports, where data in tables and charts wass difficult to analyze and compare. Users often resorted to copying and pasting data into other applications. With InfoApps, this cumbersome process is streamlined by embedding the analytical engine directly into the document, eliminating redundant technologies. The result? A superior user experience and reduced preparation and generation costs.

Do more, do better with less!

Completely New Experience

  • Provide stakeholders with reports they want to read and analyze.
  • Enhance transparency and trust through accessible, customizable analytics.
  • Empower stakeholders to conduct swift reviews and make rapid decisions.

Simplified Automated Process

  • Remove cumbersome tasks and lengthy delays in report preparation.
  • Streamline the integration of data sources and technologies for financial reports.
  • Provide users with customizable, shareable content accessible online and offline.

The analytics technology has advanced our capabilities substantially - it is a big leap forward in our ability to give dealers information.

Jim LollarGlobal Warranty Operations

Statistical Data Publishing

Pervasive Data

Today, organizations across the spectrum, including government agencies, rating agencies, lobbying groups, financial institutions, charitable organizations, businesses of all sizes, journalists, and individuals, disseminate information through documents and reports. Data has become the fundamental component of nearly every publication, making it the central focus. The most prized element in each document is now frequent updates, turning data into the essence of every publication. Efficient distribution is a key business priority.

Common Pains

  • Time and resource demands for creating and updating data-rich publications.
  • Ensuring access across diverse channels (email, web, mobile, online, offline).
  • Managing software licensing and infrastructure costs for seamless access.
  • Addressing redundancy in supporting multiple file and application formats.
  • Adapting to changing aesthetics and consumer preferences in information consumption.

Simple. Seamless. Scalable

Streamlined Content Creation

  • Whether it is research papers, presentations, dashboards, or infographics, a unified tool simplifies creation and collaboration.
  • Reusable assets across documents accelerate content creation without compromising brand integrity, boosting overall productivity.
  • In a competitive job market, an easy-to-learn tool benefits anyone, offering a strategic edge in onboarding employees and contributors.

Lean & Efficient Distribution

  • Publish interactive visualizations and reports on the web without any infrastructure saves enormous backend and IT costs.
  • Automated personalization and document updates allow for high volume, highly targeted content distribution.
  • Eliminate all custom development, maintenance and change management costs for all analytical presentations, reports, and dashboards.


PCS Markets is dedicated to bolstering the European securitisation market as a reliable vehicle for economic financing. The platform offers an array of statistical data crucial for informed decision-making and policy formulation. Through the implementation of Storied Data, PCS effectively slashed development and maintenance costs by an impressive 90%, while also introducing modern interactive statistics to its stakeholders. All done without costly servers!

The European Mortgage Federation (EMF) and the European Covered Bond Council (ECBC) created a Data Hub that facilitate the access and analysis of its data series contained in the EMF-ECBC’s key publications (Hypostat, the Covered Bond Fact Book, and the Quarterly Reviews). What would have taken years to build in traditional BI tools, was accomplished in a few weeks without any infrastructure and backend technologies and IT costs.

Do more, do better with less!

Your Users’ Benefits

  • Increased user engagement and satisfaction with your statistical data publications.
  • Simplified access to decision-making information through better UI/UX and analytics.
  • Convenience of accessing interactive data online and offline from any device.

Organizations’ Savings

  • Complex analytical applications built without IT and faster than traditional IT processes would allow.
  • Full analytics and interactivity without any servers, databases, or other expensive infrastructure.
  • Fully automated updates without the need for integration or data management technologies.

The EMF-ECBC is delighted to announce the launch of this new data knowledge platform and make this freely available for all market participants. The deep analysis and work undertaken in this area by the EMF-ECBC provide a unique and transparent dataset together with a market toolkit that will help reinforce confidence and trust in housing markets as key financial drivers for social mobility and inclusion.

Luca BertalotEMF-ECBC Secretary General

Modernizing Sales & Marketing Content

HTML Rains Supreme

For all marketing and sales people who produce and share content, three significant changes have emerged: (1) The web serves as the primary medium for content delivery—embrace HTML as the universal content format; (2) Content aesthetics have evolved to include functional aesthetics alongside design aesthetics—embrace UI/UX principles for every document; (3) Data and analytics are integrated into nearly every piece of content – embrace in-document/embedded analytics as static charts, graphs and tables are obsolete.

Common Pains

  • Transitioning traditional PDF, PowerPoint and other formats to HTML incurs significant costs.
  • Finding content producers proficient in HTML, CSS, and Java Script is exceedingly difficult.
  • Designing interactive UI/UX necessitates acquiring new skills and coding expertise.
  • Finding individuals skilled in all the above, including data analytics, is nearly impossible.
  • Having to use multiple software packages complicate the process.


Dynamic. Stimulating. Engaging

Your Content Sells

Have you considered that PowerPoint, PDFs, and similar tools are over 30 years old? They were developed before the internet and mobile phones, catering to users with vastly different demands and habits. Transitioning to contemporary, dynamic, and captivating web-ready content signifies digital fluency and equips your customer-facing employees not only with content but also with communication tools. This next-gen content is showcased as a fusion of docs and apps – an InfoApp, where interactivity fosters seamless conversations.

Empower Frontline Employees

  • InfoApps liberate frontline employees from page flipping documents and slide clicking presentations that put prospects to sleep. Instead, they spark conversations and encourage exploration.
  • Streamline and expedite the updating process, eliminating the complexity and time-consuming nature of manual content refresh.
  • Simplify data handling in documents, eliminating the need for manual chart and table setup, thus saving time and reducing frustration for employees.


Bulstrad’s sales team sought modern brochures for the promoted investments, as traditional PDFs led to constant switching between fund brochures on their mobile devices, disrupting the flow of conversations. A single interactive InfoApp now enables seamless engagement, allowing account managers to switch effortlessly between funds and financial data within the conversation. This not only boosts prospect attentiveness but also reduces document generation time from 3 months to under 10 minutes.

Caught in the grips of PowerPoint drudgery and Excel chaos? Endlessly wrestling with importing and fixing charts and tables in presentations while data updates keep rolling in? Struggling to craft a seamless presentation flow knowing users will request slide switches for data comparison? Facing the daunting task of creating and updating hundreds of such presentations? Storied Data rose to the challenge, slashing presentation production and update time by over 80% while enhancing audience experience.

Do more, do better with less!

The InfoApp Experience

  • Imbue every piece of collateral with an app-like experience to enchant prospects.
  • Indicated robust, contemporary digital proficiency from the initial impression.
  • Revolutionized conversation dynamics through interactive, collaborative discovery.

The Webification Advantage

  • Simplified, optimized, and accelerated HTML content creation, updates, and dissemination.
  • Empowering employees to acquire new skills and produce a wider array of web-ready content.
  • Leveraging data and analytics within each presentation to elevate credibility to new heights.

Leveraging Storied Data, we webified out marketing materials, eradicating the need for PDFs, prints, email attachments, and other cumbersome communication methods. This transformation revolutionized our presentations and dialogue with customers.

Managing PartnerImpetus Capital

Statements, Invoices, and Bill Presentment

Personalized Insights

Business professionals and customers seek more than mere transactional records, typically presented in traditional static statements, invoices, and billing statements. Data-literate infosumers aim to discern the underlying meaning and patterns within these records to facilitate informed decision-making. By offering such insights and analytics, companies provide value-added services, enhancing customer relationships and fostering trust. Delivering them at scale and in an easily distributable format poses a daunting task.

Common Pains

  • Designing and modifying statements is a time-consuming process involving coding, testing, and QA.
  • An automated, scalable statement production necessitates expensive backend technologies.
  • Analysis of transactional data requires establishing a separate business intelligence system.
  • An analytics system entails user management, query optimization, and additional IT support.
  • The concurrency cost to support thousands, or even millions, of customers is substantial.

Valuable Channel of Communication

Win Customer Attention

Statements and invoices, with 90% of individuals spending 6-10 minutes per month on bank statements, offer a captive audience. Although this pales in comparison to social media use, it presents an opportunity to communicate and demonstrate value. Additionally, it allows for data monetization, generating incremental revenue through cross-selling, upselling, targeted advertising, and more using dormant statement data. This solution transforms statements from a record-keeping nuisance into a valuable business asset.

Lower Costs, Increase Sales

  • Transition statements form PDF to dynamic HTML reduces generation costs and enhance usability.
  • Like PDFs, HTML statements can be emailed, downloaded, saved and shared by customers.
  • Generation and personalization is a thousand times faster, reducing hardware capacity requirements.
  • In-statement interactive analytics alleviate the burden of customer queries on internal core systems.
  • Direct data export and statement sharing eliminate the need for banks to manage various file formats.

Digitizing documents involves more than just converting paper to PDFs—it’s about enhancing value. Deloitte didn’t merely digitize statements; they transformed them into analytical documents, offering customers deeper transaction insights and improving transparency. This conversion also turned statements into effective communication channels, building trust and loyalty. Additionally, the interactive infostatement format generated statements ten times faster than traditional PDFs, requiring less hardware.

Bill presentment is ripe for innovation, considering the wealth of valuable data contained within each invoice. Interactive invoicing transforms this data into actionable insights, while consolidating invoices into a single document provides recipients with a comprehensive dashboard of past activities. This integration of invoices with business intelligence effectively elevates what was once merely a record-keeping document into powerful management tool, saving costs by eliminating the need for separate systems.

Do more, do better with less!

The Appified Statement

  • Transform mundane proof-of-records, such as statements, into influential communication channels.
  • Provide customers with information tailored to their needs and presented in an easily understandable format.
  • Reduce expenses associated with statement generation, personalization, and distribution.

The 2-in-1 System Advantage

  • Enhance the utility of invoices by transforming them into valuable management decision-making tools.
  • Merge invoices with business intelligence dashboards to create a comprehensive, consolidated, interactive InfoApp.
  • Reduce system redundancies and costs by merging two applications into one cohesive solution.

Statements and invoices hold a captive audience. InfoApps offer a chance to enhance customer trust and loyalty by turning them into valuable communication channels.

Jan BalatkaDeloitte