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Highlights from the Storied Year of 2023

The year 2023 has proven to be a watershed moment in the realm of data, witnessing transformative shifts and innovations that are reshaping the way we interact with digital information. From dynamic document formats to the fusion of business intelligence with invoices, here are the key developments that defined the storied year for data in 2023.


  1. From Flips to Clicks:


In 2023, a seismic shift began as companies moved from traditional “flips” through static digital documents to embracing interactive formats. This transition aimed to cater to the needs of modern, time-pressed consumers, offering fast access to information within lengthy documents through intuitive and interactive interfaces.


  1. Farewell to PDF Dominance:


The ubiquity of PDFs, entrenched over 30 years, faced a challenge in 2023 with the entry of digital natives into the workforce. A surge in the adoption of interactive formats, reminiscent of app interfaces, marked an accelerated departure from PDFs, signaling a paradigm shift in the way digital documents are conceived and consumed.


  1. Rise of Pixel Perfect HTML:


Graphic designers saw a notable trend toward the use of pixel-perfect HTML in 2023. This format empowered designers to leverage familiar workflows, creating portable HTML documents with ease. The convenience of a single, distributable file replaced the need for multiple files, simplifying document sharing and distribution.


  1. The Decline of Linear Presentations:


The traditional linear PowerPoint presentation witnessed a decline as “StoriedSites” or pocket-sized websites gained prominence. These interactive platforms allowed storytellers to weave narratives in a more natural, engaging manner. Data analysis capabilities transformed financial presentations into interactive dashboards, eliminating the need for cumbersome slide decks.


  1. Automating Digital Circulars:


2023 heralded the automation of digital circulars, paving the way for the eventual demise of paper circulars. Not only did this contribute to environmental sustainability by saving trees, but it also enabled faster, cheaper production and personalized targeting, driving improved financial outcomes.


  1. Fusion of Invoices with Business Intelligence:


In a revolutionary move, 2023 saw the integration of invoices with business intelligence. This innovation not only provided transaction-specific information but also granted businesses control over their entire operations. The consolidation of business intelligence and invoicing systems streamlined processes and enhanced efficiency.


  1. Interactive Statistical Publications:


The conventional approach to statistical publications underwent a transformation in 2023, breaking free from the PDF shackles. Interactive statistical books emerged, deployable on the web or through email, offering recipients the flexibility to use them online or offline, without the need for custom systems.


  1. The Era of Distributed Computing:


2023 marked the inception of distributed computing for freestanding interactive documents. Processing entirely in the browser, online or offline, not only reduced compute costs significantly but also liberated documents from server dependencies, democratizing information distribution.


2024 Outlook:


As we bid farewell to 2023, we anticipate even more groundbreaking initiatives in data publishing and information distribution in the coming year. The trends established this year underscore a future where data is not just accessed but experienced in dynamic, interactive, and eco-conscious formats.

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