January 26, 2023

The true cost of PDF documents may make you cringe.

The nature of human habits is such that when something becomes routine and ubiquitous, we…
January 20, 2023

“Combining smart digital & sustainable solutions to change the market paradigm” by Luca Bertalot

EEMI Bauhaus: 'Combining smart digital & sustainable solutions to change the market paradigm' By Luca…
January 11, 2023

How Companies Leverage Data Publishing to Build Trust and Confidence in their Actions

Actions speak louder than words, but only data gives voice to the actions. It is…
December 29, 2022

Design an Interactive Document in Less than 6 Minutes

You are most likely not going to design a report, document, or dashboard in just…
December 28, 2022

The Top 2023 BI Trend: Solving the Sticky Problem with BI Adoption

I quickly scanned the BI trends for 2023 and what struck me is that the…
December 14, 2022

Democratizing Information Publishing and Distribution

Let us face it, we live in the age of the internet. If your content…
November 11, 2022

Storied Data Interactive HTML vs PDF

You may be surprised to find out that both the PDF and the HTML file…
October 27, 2022

Self-Service Business Intelligence (BI) vs Tailored Business Intelligence (BI)

You may wonder why another type of BI? We already have ad hoc reporting, data…