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You are most likely not going to design a report, document, or dashboard in just 6 minutes. It takes thinking and experimentation to design a good document, especially if it is going to be interactive. You have to put yourself in the shoes of the user and Emagine what they like and don’t like, how they will interact with the data, and much more. Good design required deep thinking, evaluation of multiple and often different perspective, and love for good aesthetics.

Why did we make the 6 minutes video then? Because it is important for users to see that they can understand and implement complex functionality in a very short time. If you can master the document layout creation and dimension and measure filtering in 6 minutes, you can be assured that you can learn very fast what used to take years to people to learn in other more traditional tools for interactive design. This should empower you to create stunning and engaging documents that you can distribute to millions of people via email, web pages and mobile apps.

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