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Let your data speak.

More meaning, less information overload.

Tell better stories with more data and and more instantly accessible insights. 

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What makes storied publishing unique

The Fusion of Technologies

The fusion of infographics, data analytics and no-code interactive design gives you the flexibility to design any content in a single tool. And saves you time and money.

The Innovative Content Format

Your storied content can be emailed as a freestanding interactive file or displayed as a web or mobile page. It remains interactive when used online or offline.

The Limitless Distribution

The storied content can be personalized and distributed to millions of users with zero backend or end-user software licensing costs. All you need is a web browser.

Storied publishing is architected for scale and savings

Significantly reduce the number of queries to the back end.
Eliminate costly BI servers to support interactive data exploration.
Eliminate the cost to support concurrent users.
Eliminate end-user licensing costs for interactive data exploration.
No more server and user maintenance costs.
Complete automation without the need of a data warehouse and application development.
Complete personalization without end user licensing costs.

Features that make the difference

The Craftsman’s Tool

Our designer craft bench is created for the person who wants to turn data into a storied document, for the creative mind who cares about the presentation, for the influencer who understands the impact of information on other people’s decisions.


With Storied Data Designer everyone can hone the information storytelling craft.

Design Versatility

Whether you are a marketer, a business analyst, a designer, a business intelligence specialist, or a line of business manager, you can quickly design interactive infographics, reports, dashboards, product catalogues, brochures, and much more.


A single craft bench to create any document, web or mobile page.

Pixel Perfect

Our pixel perfect canvas gives information designers precise control over the entire document layout. Weather you are creating financial reports or fashion catalogs, the pixel perfect canvas allows you to put information at the right place.


Pixel perfect is for excellence and beauty. Now you can do it easily with zero coding.

Interaction Design

As Steve Jobs said: “Design is not what it looks like and what it feels like. It is how it works.” Interaction turns static documents into information products that customers love and use. You can use interactions to create positive emotional responses.


Interaction design was the domain of coders. Not any more. We made it is easy.


The craft bench replaces three tools – (1) infographic design workbenches, (2) business intelligence visualization and reporting tools, and (3) HTML page authoring tools. It combines the strengths of each, so you can build next gen content experience. 


When the ingredients are data, visuals and interactivity, you need a tool to mix them.

Online and Offline

People expect their documents to be always accessible, similarly to how they expect their phones to be always on. Static documents are always accessible, but interactive documents are not. Unless they are published in our enhanced HTML format. 


Storied documents are email, web and mobile ready, readable online or offline.
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