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Design Thinking for Digital Documents

Today's digital documents are like mini apps. Every document has a UI. Its rich, interactive features keep readers focused and engaged. Embrace the new document design paradigm to create more relevant and more meaningful experiences.

Introducing the interactive one-pager

Re-imagine documents

Design thinking guru Jeff Hendrickson explains how digitization allows to expand and enhance the documents' user experience.

The transition has started:

From static PDF, to pixel perfect HTML, to interactive HTML

PDF has run its course. Time to let go.

PDF has two great advantages. It is portable and its layout can be perfect. This is why it was popular for 30 years. But that is not enough in the digital age.

Storied Data HTML is pixel-perfect and portable

You can create without any coding HTML documents that have the same advantages and look-and-feel as PDFs. You can do a lot more.

Portable, interactive HTML raises the bar even further

Interactivity turns static documents into mini-apps. Through it, you can compress hundreds of pages into a one-pager and reduce information overload.

"Documents are a source of important information to all users. Companies must deliver superior in-document experience compared to web and mobile apps."

Jeff Hendrickson
Design Thinking Expert and Author

The Art of Storied Documents


The enhanced HTML offers a better user experience and is less costly to create and maintain


Use storied documents for customer and employee engagement and trust building


Documents reinforce your brand by demonstrating expertise and customer understanding and care

Design Thinking

Leverage design thinking to create differentiated and meaningful experiences

The transition from PDF to Enhanced HTML has started.