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Utilitarian Web Design May Seem Simple But Leaves a Lot Out

BBC recently adopted a new utilitarian web design. It appears simple and good enough to get you straight to the content, but it also leaves out the many things that make design pleasing and enjoyable. Utilitarian web designs often prioritize functionality over aesthetic experiences and are certainly easier to do and maintain for web publications. But here’s how this approach can detract from the visual aspect:


  1. Simplicity Over Creativity: Utilitarian designs tend to favor simplicity, potentially sacrificing creative and visually engaging elements that could enhance the overall aesthetic experience.


  1. Limited Visual Appeal: Emphasis on functionality might result in a lack of visually stimulating elements, making the overall design appear bland or monotonous.


  1. Generic Templates: Utilitarian sites often use standardized templates for efficiency, leading to a generic appearance that lacks uniqueness and artistic expression.


  1. Text-Heavy Interfaces: Prioritizing information can result in text-heavy interfaces, diminishing the visual balance and appeal that a more varied media mix might offer.


  1. Minimalistic Color Schemes: Utilitarian designs often opt for minimalistic color palettes, potentially missing opportunities to evoke emotions or create a visually immersive experience.


  1. Absence of Visual Storytelling: Aesthetic experiences are enriched by visual storytelling, which utilitarian designs may overlook in favor of presenting information in a straightforward manner.


  1. Neglect of Typography: While functionality is key, utilitarian designs might neglect the nuances of typography, missing opportunities to enhance readability and visual interest.


  1. Lack of Artistic Flourish: Utilitarian designs may shy away from artistic elements or flourishes, missing the chance to infuse character and personality into the visual identity of a site.


  1. Overemphasis on Efficiency: Prioritizing efficiency in design might lead to a utilitarian look that neglects the potential for artful details and embellishments that can elevate the overall aesthetic experience.


  1. Mobile-First Design Challenges: The focus on functionality for mobile devices might limit the creative possibilities, resulting in designs that are more utilitarian and less visually captivating.


When everyone uses the same approach, the value of branding disappears. Hence, at Storied Data we still advocate pixel-perfect HTML design to make every publication stand out.

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